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I’m a complete stranger but I like your website and look forward to studying on a regular basis. Wishing you a safe and speedy Restoration. Kick Steve’s butt!

Second: it’s wonderful (Or perhaps it isn’t) just how unfortunate I used to be to read this post. I don’t know you whatsoever, but nonetheless I sort of do. You make me snicker and smile, and I Actually consider you anytime I even *see* a cupcake.

I have a buddy who just experienced this kind of tumor eradicated final month. His was benign and While he even now has a couple of balance issues, he’s fine in any other case.

You are doing recognize that cup cakes stop these sort of points don’t you. Proof good which you haven’t eaten plenty of cup cakes.

Anyway, so glad it’s not cancer And that i will be keeping up in your development. Great luck with all the things!

Plainly that tumor experienced no clue when it arrived to selecting brains. It seriously has no clue what it’s in for. I’d come to feel sad for the way poorly you will beat it, but c’mon, Steve soooooo has it coming! Wanting ahead to you continuing to thrive

So brain wallet if they acquire Steve out do you receive to maintain him? I wonder Whatever you get for Placing a tumor less than your pillow…

Hope matters strengthen and you and Steve section ways. If your surgeon is helpful using an iPhone, inquire him to snap a photo of your brain. Put that badboy on instagram. I wager the “mybrainforreals” hashtag is seriously below utilised on there.

Geraldine, for what it’s value, I'd brain medical procedures 7 several years in the past, and actually woke up smarter. It absolutely was for any subdural hematoma, not a tumor, and I used to be in fact capable of spell that preposterous time period afterward.

I am sorry regarding the brain they found. My story is different. I assume There exists a unique Tale for everybody. I had a tumor which was increasing on my frontal lobe for about 10 years. Gradually it grew and robbed my hope creating medical despair. I could no more educate my 3rd graders.

The good news: the neurosurgeons say there’s an eighty% prospect Steve’s benign. If he’s not benign, get more info odds are he’s continue to very easily treatable.

All the most effective and I’ll IOU a large hug next time we meet. Scary news which you’ve tackled head on. Amazing.

Ugh… I just heard about Steve And that i by now dislike him. I’m certain every thing will go effortlessly and I hope you will be sensation much better shortly!

By now you’ve now had the surgical procedure and I actually hope every little thing went properly!!! Fucking goddamn miserable piece-of-shit Steve.

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